CEO Chapman Announces Departure from RTPark

Published Wednesday, April 10, 2024


CEO Chapman Announces Departure from RTPark,
Leaves Legacy of Growth and Innovation

RTPark CEO Peter H Chapman

After steering the Research and Technology Park (RTPark) through a period of significant growth and strategic advancements, Peter H. Chapman has announced he will be transitioning from his role as CEO. Following a tenure marked by the RTPark’s remarkable financial success and a deep commitment to the community and local talent of the Virgin Islands, Chapman's next steps involve dedicating more time to Urban Policy Innovations (UPI), the economic development and real estate advisory firm he founded several years ago.

Under Chapman's direction, the RTPark embarked on a period of significant growth and innovation, gaining recognition across national and international platforms. This era of advancement led to the RTPark securing the 2020 Economic Development Organization (EDO) of the Year award from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), marking its prominence as a leading economic development institution in the Americas.

During Chapman’s tenure, the RTPark not only witnessed a 275% increase in its business portfolio but also saw its revenue grow by more than 300%. This financial upswing led to the complete elimination of over $4 million in debt, a burden that the RTPark carried into Chapman's term in 2018. Perhaps most notably, under his stewardship, the RTPark has been able to significantly increase its support for the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI), contributing $3 million in 2023 alone – marking a more than 300% increase since 2018. This has totaled approximately $14 million in support for UVI since the RTPark's inception, with the lion's share being contributed during Chapman's era. 

RTPark CEO Peter Chapman Speaking at the 2022 RTPark Business Attraction SummitChapman stated, “I look forward to pursuing a robust scope of economic and community development work through UPI later this year, but in the meantime I remain laser-focused on continuing to advance the RTPark’s critical economic diversification agenda for the people of the Virgin Islands. We can’t take our collective foot off the gas if we want to continue to drive a change agenda. It has been an honor to lead the RTPark and I’m grateful to the RTPark Board of Directors—and to the visionary founders of this unique organization for affording me this opportunity.”

Chapman attributes these achievements to the RTPark's adoption of an aggressive and holistic economic development model, one that emphasizes the tech sector's growth while maximizing revenue through a diverse approach. "Creating a vibrant tech ecosystem and maximizing our revenue potential required a comprehensive strategy that spanned attracting new businesses, supporting startups, workforce development, capital access, and infrastructure development," Chapman said. 

Chapman also explicitly acknowledged the vital role of RTPark-affiliated companies in driving the organization’s overall growth and ability to invest large sums of money into UVI. The RTPark has recruited more than 50 enterprises to the territory thus far under Chapman’s leadership. “Our companies comprise the backbone of the RTPark, and we are duty-bound to invest in their success…when our portfolio companies and founders do well, it creates a positive multiplier effect for all of us,” Chapman emphasized.

Under Peter H. Chapman’s guidance, the RTPark's achievements, such as the development of Tech Village and the Catalyst Fund, have flourished with support from the Virgin Islands Government and Legislature. Chapman acknowledged this, stating, "Thanks to our collaborative efforts with legislative and executive branches, we've made significant progress."

From Left - RTPark Team Members Matt Beadle, Peter H. Chapman and Alfonso RodriguezA foundation of Chapman's success has been his unwavering commitment to the local community, particularly in hiring talent. The RTPark's dynamic team, largely comprised of Virgin Islanders and their spouses, represents a wide range of expertise from technology to finance and urban planning. "Our team's diversity and talent have been crucial to our achievements. We've built a strong, multidisciplinary group of professionals who have not only contributed to the RTPark's success but have also played a significant role in the broader economic development of the Virgin Islands," Chapman emphasized. 

As Chapman prepares for his next chapter, he remains focused on completing his tenure at the RTPark with the same fervor and dedication that have characterized his leadership, ensuring a seamless transition and the sustained success of the RTPark's initiatives. Chapman hinted at the possibility of continuing to work on a couple of special economic development initiatives in the Virgin Islands after stepping down as RTPark CEO but declined to share any details at this time. “I’ll have much more to say about those projects in the future but I can’t steal my own thunder right now...or that of my partners, of course.” 

Reflecting on his departure, Chapman expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead such a dynamic organization and his excitement for the future. "The accomplishments we've achieved together are a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of our team, our partners, and the community. I am proud of the work we have done and look forward to seeing the RTPark continue to thrive."

CEO Chapman and RTPark Team at the 2022 Business Attraction Summit


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